Show Review: Tom Ford Fall 2014

It should come as no surprise that Tom Ford‘s designs would serve as “inspiration” for high-street retailers. After all, his show is one of the hottest tickets at London Fashion Week, and he’s got a myriad of celebrity fans, most notably Beyoncé and her husband Jay Z, who penned a certain popular tune about the designer’s wares. Ford went on record last year saying he can tell if his collection’s been a success once he sees the knockoffs: “If I’m lucky and I did the right thing, they will be at Zara way before I can get them in the store, and I don’t like that.”

Tom Ford Fall 2014 19

This season, it seems Ford beat Zara to the punch, having sent out a slew of pieces almost indistinguishable from something you might find in the Spanish retailer’s lookbook. But perhaps that was his intent. There were plenty of work-appropriate black separates with laceup necklines and leather detailing, as well as simple shells rendered in leathers, furs, velvet, and sequins.

Tom Ford Fall 2014 1

Tom Ford Fall 2014 2

Tom Ford Fall 2014 16

Tom Ford Fall 2014 15

Some of the more interesting pieces included a few hooded turtlenecks and those sequined “Tom Ford” jersey dresses with the word “Molly” crossed out. Ford says these were “a knock-off of a knock-off,” inspired by some Magna Carta world tour merch.

Tom Ford Fall 2014 5

Tom Ford Fall 2014 20

 The outerwear options were the real stars of the show. From leopard printed ponyhair jackets to two-toned fluffy fur coats, Ford failed to disappoint, at least on that front.

Tom Ford Fall 2014 23

Tom Ford Fall 2014 11

Tom Ford Fall 2014 24

Overall, I wouldn’t say there’s anything groundbreaking here, but I have no doubts that this stuff will sell. It’s Tom Ford for goodness sake. Still, I couldn’t help but crave something a little more exciting than what was put forth. As for Bey and Jay, I’m sure they’ll love everything.

Tom Ford Fall 2014 29

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photos: Fashion Wire Press

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