Show Review: Stephen Burrows Spring 2013

A designer inspired by functionality and making women feel good while simultaneously being comfortable? Though rare in an industry full of skin-tight leather, sky high heels, and thigh-baring slits, Stephen Burrows made a commitment to clothes that women can actually wear for Spring 2013 and he did not disappoint. He coupled these designs with bright shades and eye-catching prints: from an asymmetric knee-length dress with contrasting trim to sheer printed blouses and shorts, one could have literally traded outfits with any of his models and walked away in his pieces with ease.

Bold watercolor and graphic prints breathed life into relaxed skinnies, playful blouses, and flirty dresses that could work both in the office or for a chic cocktail party.

Burrows also presented some more streamlined designs in solids and neutrals for a seamless fit into any woman’s wardrobe.

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Faith Cummings is a senior editor and staff writer for Fashion Bomb Daily.

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