Show Review: Rachel Roy Fall 2012

In the sunny atrium of Alice Tully Hall, Rachel Roy presented her Fall 2012 collection to a crowded room of press, fashion insiders, and of course, a few noted names like Miss Jay Alexander, Angela Simmons, and stylist Philip Bloch. This weekend, First Lady Michelle Obama was spotted this weekend wearing two different dresses (not at the same time!) from the designer. Why the celebrity roster? Part of Roy’s appeal is that her clothes are universally flattering, affordable for those with deeper pockets, and easy to wear.  In short, they are both accessible and (thanks to the price point) only slightly exclusive at the same time. You won’t find over-the-top prints or crazy silhouettes that only work for those young women with slight figures, all you’ll get are beautiful, well made clothes.

The theme of Roy’s fall 2012 collection was the “modern landscape.” The designer imagined straight shift dresses, calf-sweeping skirts, chunky crocheted knits, silk and woolen blouses, tailored trousers and a pair of culottes or two, all for the working woman who wants to look polished without having to put in much effort. The designer uses earthy browns, greens, and yellows to articulate her modern landscape, adding pops of deep sunset fuchsia, plum, cobalt blue and a very seasonal dash of orange.

While the streamlined clothes are crafted in very simple silhouettes, Roy brings life to what would otherwise be deemed as basics with study of texture. Merino wool is paired with creamy satin, sleek leather skirts and dresses are punctuated with crochet trim, a chunky knit snood is the perfect complement to an ultra feminine printed washed silk dress. And let’s not forget the dyed fur, an obligatory accent in a season marked for its moody hues.

Roy’s evening looks are quietly dramatic. The designer offset modest necklines on afterhours frocks with with saucy cutouts, open backs, and soft, sultry draping.

Roy also debuted a few pieces from her new shoe collection, and they’re prime pickin’s for the working fashionista: modest (read: walkable) suede heels, textured with small portions of pony hair.

If I worked in an office where I had to wear stylish but work appropriate attire, I would be shopping this collection. Blogging affords you the luxury of working in your underwear pajamas, so I think something like that color blocked stripe blouse or burgundy cutout dress might be a better choice for someone like me. But for independent ladies in a more formal workplace, this collection is a dream.

What do you think?

via NYMag

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