Show Review: Norma Kamali Fall 2013


Though known for her sultry, figure-baring silhouettes, Norma Kamali focuses on modesty for Fall 2013 with styles that are quite covered and refined. The famed designer reimagines her classics like the sleeping bag coat and hooded maxi dress in two-tone coloring, floral patchwork, and polka dot, giving her loyal fans like Rihanna and Khloe Kardashian what they keep coming back for season after season. The palette is decidedly neutral: only veering from Fall’s dark trajectory with the aforementioned florals, cobalt, and a tapestry-inspired pattern.

norma-kamali-fall-2013-6 norma-kamali-fall-2013-1 norma-kamali-fall-2013-2 norma-kamali-fall-2013-3 norma-kamali-fall-2013-4 norma-kamali-fall-2013-5

The offerings are robust, featuring over 55 looks for Fall. Texture uplifts classic black and white looks with quilted detailing and lace, for those with a simpler aesthetic.

norma-kamali-fall-2013-9 norma-kamali-fall-2013-10 norma-kamali-fall-2013-13 norma-kamali-fall-2013-15 norma-kamali-fall-2013-7 norma-kamali-fall-2013-8

Jumpsuits and rompers give some girlish flair to the collection in quilted and pinstripe styles that are sure to be coveted pieces for Kamali’s coquettish clients.

norma-kamali-fall-2013-19 norma-kamali-fall-2013-11 norma-kamali-fall-2013-17 norma-kamali-fall-2013-18



Signature Kamali creations pop up with new spins including the shawl collar and sleeping bag coats, as well as her form-fitting maxi dresses.

norma-kamali-fall-2013-31 norma-kamali-fall-2013-20 norma-kamali-fall-2013-21 norma-kamali-fall-2013-23 norma-kamali-fall-2013-25 norma-kamali-fall-2013-26 norma-kamali-fall-2013-27

Though not often a go-to brand for red carpet events, there are some real showstopping pieces here that can definitely work for movie premieres and cocktail parties. The lace and tulle looks are particularly beautiful and might catch the eye of some daring and fashion-forward Hollywood starlet.

norma-kamali-fall-2013-39 norma-kamali-fall-2013-33 norma-kamali-fall-2013-34 norma-kamali-fall-2013-35 norma-kamali-fall-2013-36 norma-kamali-fall-2013-37 norma-kamali-fall-2013-38

Any looks catch your eye?



Faith Cummings is a senior editor and staff writer for Fashion Bomb Daily.

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