Show Review: Mugler Pre-Fall 2013


Though known for futuristic and avant garde designs that are often devoid of practicality, Nicola Formichetti breaks out of his space-age niche for Mugler’s Pre-Fall 2013 collection with pieces that are definitely made for real-life wear and not just runway strutting. Inspired by silhouettes from the ’60s and ’90s, the looks are an expert study in juxtaposition: high-collar fur trimmed jackets layered over roomy petal-embroidered dresses, shaggy powder blue fur playing ever so nicely with black patent leather, a crop top layered over a knit turtleneck, and so much more.

mugler-pre-fall-2013-4 mugler-pre-fall-2013-1 mugler-pre-fall-2013-2 mugler-pre-fall-2013-3

Flirty skirt suits and a rosette-detailed pleated top are sure signs of the ’60s influence and some of the most darling ensembles in the offerings.

mugler-pre-fall-2013-7 mugler-pre-fall-2013-5 mugler-pre-fall-2013-6

Cher and Dionne would have a field day with a blue shaggy fur sweater and a patent leather skirt suit trimmed in the fuzzy texture, for a little bit of ’90s flair. Fur is a focus in the collection, drawing attention to the neck atop oversized collars and as scarves.

mugler-pre-fall-2013-11 mugler-pre-fall-2013-12 mugler-pre-fall-2013-8 mugler-pre-fall-2013-9 mugler-pre-fall-2013-10

Some shoulders and hemlines are still sculpted and boxy like the uniforms of those aboard the Enterprise, but they definitely give shape and structure to looks that would be quite simple otherwise.

mugler-pre-fall-2013-18 mugler-pre-fall-2013-13 mugler-pre-fall-2013-14 mugler-pre-fall-2013-15 mugler-pre-fall-2013-16 mugler-pre-fall-2013-17

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Faith Cummings is a senior editor and staff writer for Fashion Bomb Daily.

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