• Show Review: Moschino Spring 2015 Menswear

    The 80’s were such a merry time in the fashion world — when the designs were lively and audacious, with a dash of the absurd sprinkled on top and loads of bare skin adding sex appeal. Franco Moschino was in his prime during the decade and his signature look was birthed from scoffing at the austerity that often underlies the sartorial world while concurrently opening the doors of the industry to those who wanted to bite off a bit of that luxury. As you might guess, this was a complicated dichotomy, but the Italian fashion house’s new Creative Director, Jeremy Scott, is slowly but surely ushering the brand back into its former niche — a skill that he has been perfecting for quite some time at his namesake label. His placement couldn’t be any more fitting and he sought to continue capturing that quintessential Moschino whimsy in the brand’s Spring 2015 menswear collection. In it, he flexed his power with a diverse cast of models and an all-around celebratory disposition.




    In 2014, riffing on a brand’s designs might get you one nasty lawsuit, but Scott showed no fear of that here. He tweaked the classic Hermès ribbon and gave it normcore flair on denim, while interlocking smiley faces added a jovial spin to sweatshirts, bodysuits, biking shorts, and tees, channeling Coco Chanel’s iconic logo.





    The logo madness continued with Scott mocking Moschino itself by sprawling “Fauxschino” across bomber jackets, anoraks, bikini bottoms, and vests in flashy gold lettering.





    A slew of the pieces had particular relevance with the World Cup at hand, covered in the flags of a bevy of different countries. They won’t be available in time (in case Scott has some capsule collection release tricks up his sleeves), but they will make sense yet again once the Olympics come around in 2016.





    Dollar-sign emblazoned designs closed the collection — perhaps a nod to all the cash the brand will rake in from another assortment of statement-making pieces that luxury-obsessed ladies and gents the world over will clamor to get their hands on. In an Instagram-driven society, we can expect to see these designs all over our social media feeds and on the street during Fashion Week.





    What do you think of Moschino’s latest menswear collection?

    Images: Style.com


    Faith Cummings is a senior editor and staff writer for Fashion Bomb Daily.

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