Show Review: Moschino Fall 2014

Jeremy Scott presented his first runway show for Moschino’s Fall 2014 season last night in Milan. The cheeky American is known for his irreverent proclivities, and has plucked inspiration from the Flintstones, Bart Simpson, and even Coca Cola for his eponymous line. Whatever he chooses, his symbols are always salient, familiar, and global. For Moschino, he chose Spongebob, McDonalds, and a handful of cereal and snacks you can find in your Supermarket Junkfood Aisle.
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It really doesn’t get more American than a lovable, blue eyed sponge and the golden arches, which Scott reconfigured slightly to symbolize Moschino, with the tag line, “Over 20 Billion Served.” Purses in the shape of Happy Meal boxes and Supersized Drinks accessorized cow printed suits; a model dressed as an erstwhile waitress served a quilted ‘M’ bag on a silver platter, punctuating her ensemble with an ‘M’ emblazoned visor.

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Then came the American gangsters, most notably a pursed lip Jourdan Dunn in a low slung quilted pant and jacket combo, with Moschino logo’d undergarments on full display, à la Tommy Hilfiger in the 90’s. Other models sported multiple gold chains, quilted vests, hot pants, and mini skirts.
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Sponge Bob made funny faces on short sweater dresses, or laughed maniacally on turtlenecks. ‘Spongy’ spots played on yellow fur jackets and lace up heeled boots.
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The evening wear was sugary sweet with zero nutritional value. Ball gowns were draped and twisted from prints of Cheetos, chocolate bars, Fruit Loops, Budweiser, and more.
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If this how Scott wanted to make an entrance, what a grand entrance it was! Though Moschino has always had fun with fashion, it seems as if Jeremy Scott’s visage was that of Spongebob, making silly faces and having a good laugh at the people who were crazy enough to hire him.
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But in some ways it totally works. We’re paying attention. He didn’t play it safe. And he’ll undoubtedly find fans in famous friends Rita Ora and Katy Perry, who attended and walked in the show.
Of course a designer must infuse his style into a house, but some pieces, particularly the Spongebob ensembles, are just Jeremy Scott 2.0–something he’d show in New York to a less glamorous, more downtown crowd. How the collection will sell is to be determined. His collaborations from Adidas to Longchamp have cult like followings; and there’s no reason to believe Moschino Fall 2014 won’t have a similar consumer base.
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