Show Review: Matthew Williamson Fall 2013


Matthew Williamson eschews his signature form-fitting silhouettes and over-the-top embellishment for a much more refined look for Fall 2013. His quintessential brights and bohemian flair are still at play, though given a new modern spin with roomy coats, knee-length peasant skirts, covered skater dresses, and more. Fashion is all about reinvention and with more than fifteen years in the game, this design change is a bit unexpected, but definitely welcome.

matthew-williamson-fall-2013-4 matthew-williamson-fall-2013-1 matthew-williamson-fall-2013-2 matthew-williamson-fall-2013-3

As any boho chic gal requires, Williamson is known for his wintry furs, but this collection only shows a few pieces in the cozy texture: a long fur-sleeve, zip-front cardigan, grey collarless pieced coat, and a long printed vest with a fur panel. The rest of the selections are bright, yet ladylike — the brand’s customers will surely stand out for the season, but won’t be at all “fierce” in these retro-inspired toppers.

matthew-williamson-fall-2013-12 matthew-williamson-fall-2013-5 matthew-williamson-fall-2013-6 matthew-williamson-fall-2013-7 matthew-williamson-fall-2013-8 matthew-williamson-fall-2013-10 matthew-williamson-fall-2013-11

The same ruffle-hem, peasant skirt silhouette pops up again and again in chartreuse, floral, sheer fabrics, and more. It continues the brand’s boho sensibility, though sometimes skewing a bit matronly when paired with roomy knits and boatneck sweaters.

matthew-williamson-fall-2013-18 matthew-williamson-fall-2013-13 matthew-williamson-fall-2013-14 matthew-williamson-fall-2013-15 matthew-williamson-fall-2013-16 matthew-williamson-fall-2013-17

Prints are on high from chevron to floral, sometimes making us all forget that these pieces are meant for Autumn and not the warm temperatures of Spring and Summer.

matthew-williamson-fall-2013-28 matthew-williamson-fall-2013-30 matthew-williamson-fall-2013-26 matthew-williamson-fall-2013-25 matthew-williamson-fall-2013-24 matthew-williamson-fall-2013-33

Williamson saves the embellishment for evening wear. Sequin gowns accented with colorful fringe, sparkling floor-length skirts, dip-dye frocks: not sure which Hollywood starlet will gravitate toward these looks, but Nicole Richie’s hippie chic fashion sense might bode well with the designs.

matthew-williamson-fall-2013-22 matthew-williamson-fall-2013-23 matthew-williamson-fall-2013-19 matthew-williamson-fall-2013-20 matthew-williamson-fall-2013-21

matthew-williamson-fall-2013-34 matthew-williamson-fall-2013-32

Are you feeling Matthew Williamson’s latest collection?



Faith Cummings is a senior editor and staff writer for Fashion Bomb Daily.

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