Show Review: Marc Jacobs Spring 2013

For Spring 2013, Marc Jacobs didn’t imagine a woman in flow’ry prints, prancing about in air, fluttering frocks. Instead, Jacobs imagines a woman whose brand of femininity is a little less dainty, and certainly more commanding. The designer delivered a pop-art inspired collection, giving us a series of bold, stripey looks.

Jailbird stripes covered everything from jackets to low-slung pencil and a-line skirts boasting exaggerated scalloped hems. The hipbone-baring bottoms seemed like a blast from the (recent) past. We haven’t really seen this silhouette since the high waist was reinstated as the “it” silhouette in the mid-to-late aughts.

Jacobs didn’t stop there. He re-imagined his beloved stripes in dizzying swirls, swung them in panels from skirt hems alongside checkerboard strips, and tiled them onto frocks in patent leather-y fabric.

Jacobs’ collection took a turn for the whimsical with a few frocks and skirt suits boasting high, ruffled collars with cartoonish white trim.

This collection is a vast improvement on what the designer offered for fall. Jacobs’ clothes always have that wearable theatricality that keep people flocking to his boutiques, and this season, Marc delivered. As for celebs, I would love to see Solange Knowles in that peekaboo shoulder striped gown, or Kerry Washington in that drop-waist tiled frock.

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