Show Review: Marc Jacobs Fall 2013


One never knows what to expect from a Marc Jacobs fashion show. From the ready-to-wear to the start time, the designer always switches it up which is actually pretty refreshing in an industry where trend is queen. Has anyone ever presented their offerings twice? Well, leave it to Jacobs to break the mold. He sends the models out first under the light of the set’s giant orb sun which casts a grey light over the designs and the runway, but doesn’t stop there (much to the excitement of buyers and editors) shooting out the looks again with full lights. There’s no way to deny the easy glamour of the season’s pieces, which appear as if a socialite just rolled out of bed. Polished, retro collared blouses, high-waist briefs, pajama-inspired styling — the Marc Jacobs woman will be decadently dressed for Fall, yet very comfortable. Imagine that!

marc-jacobs-fall-2013-6 marc-jacobs-fall-2013-1 marc-jacobs-fall-2013-2 marc-jacobs-fall-2013-3 marc-jacobs-fall-2013-4 marc-jacobs-fall-2013-5

The pajama-inspired trend has gained traction in the fashion industry from a few seasons, but it has never looked as chic as Jacobs’s renditions with sequins, metallics, and fun spins with briefs and Mad Men-era shirt dresses. It represents the kind of look the women wearing his clothes should achieve for Fall: relaxed, yet opulent.

marc-jacobs-fall-2013-10 marc-jacobs-fall-2013-11 marc-jacobs-fall-2013-12 marc-jacobs-fall-2013-7 marc-jacobs-fall-2013-8 marc-jacobs-fall-2013-9

Embellishment is on high with sequins sparkling on retro-inspired swing coats, gam-baring briefs, a grape jumpsuit giving a whole new meaning to the word “glitz”, and more.

marc-jacobs-fall-2013-19 marc-jacobs-fall-2013-13 marc-jacobs-fall-2013-14 marc-jacobs-fall-2013-15 marc-jacobs-fall-2013-16 marc-jacobs-fall-2013-17 marc-jacobs-fall-2013-18

Fur was in abundance, covering peter pan-collared sheaths, Park Avenue princess fur coats, chain-link shoulder bags, and larger than life scarves, fiercely protecting the models’ necks. Jacobs really has fun when he combines the cozy textures with oversize paillettes, truly making showstopping frocks and outerwear.

marc-jacobs-fall-2013-26 marc-jacobs-fall-2013-20 marc-jacobs-fall-2013-21 marc-jacobs-fall-2013-22 marc-jacobs-fall-2013-23 marc-jacobs-fall-2013-24 marc-jacobs-fall-2013-25

Stars like Rihanna and Alicia Keys have sported the brand’s designs in the past six months and I can definitely seem them both gravitating toward the collection’s glittering mesh dresses and lame numbers. Perhaps a floor-length silver sequin frock will even be spotted on the Academy Awards red carpet come February 24th.

marc-jacobs-fall-2013-31 marc-jacobs-fall-2013-32 marc-jacobs-fall-2013-27 marc-jacobs-fall-2013-28 marc-jacobs-fall-2013-29 marc-jacobs-fall-2013-30

Thoughts on Marc Jacobs’s latest collection?



Faith Cummings is a senior editor and staff writer for Fashion Bomb Daily.

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