Marc Jacobs went for a soothing vibe for his Fall 2010 catwalk foray, sending out a succession of cool colors like gray, slate blue, and airy peach to counter the season’s typical sharp blacks and whites.

While the palette was decidedly calming and somewhat modern, the actual silhouettes were awkward and unsexy. With a theme that could only be described as 70’s librarian chic, Marc debuted a new skirt length that skated between mini and maxi and ended about mid-calf.

It’s hard to imagine these garments actually appealing to the labels’ contemporary style enthusiasts. Thankfully Marc greatly redeemed himself towards the end of the show with a flurry of luxurious fur trimmed trench coats, sparkly sequined cardigans, and close fit rock encrusted shifts.

Definitely lovin those last two looks. The ‘midi’ skirts? Not so much.
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