Show Review: Manish Arora Spring 2013

When you come from a culture whose fashions are steeped in rich textures, embellishment, and vibrant colors, is there ever really a better inspiration? Manish Arora was influenced from within and brought the vibrant heritage of his own Indian culture to life with beaded headpieces and jewelry (a part of his collection with brand Amrapali), tiger motifs, bold makeup, metallics, exotic skins, and so much more.

Printed and embellished tunics were layered over shimmering skinnies while gold sky-high platform cage sandals clung to the models’ feet. Trousers covered in medallion and chain prints added to the glitz of the collection, reminiscent of the trend that is so hot right now for Fall.

Leopard print was splattered on cropped trousers, the sleeves of a tiger motif sweater (continuing Fall’s graphic animal motif trend into Spring), the pleated overlay of an embellished skirt, on the trim of a long-sleeve wrap dress on Sessilee Lopez, and so much more. Arora transformed the fierce patterns, making them playful and feminine.

Some of my favorite looks were those that were supremely feminine. Full skirts abounded covered in dots, harking back to designs that might have been spotted on any stylish woman in the US in the ’50s to truly beautiful cinched waist dresses that will surely gain Arora a whole new legion of fans.

Manish Arora has a strong following and designs like this clearly demonstrate why. Though at times very kitschy, there is no denying that there is masterful craftsmanship and creativity at play here and I have always admired Arora’s imagination and commitment to bold pieces, truly making his wearers stand out and shine in any environment. Nicki Minaj has chosen Manish Arora on the red carpet in the past and she will surely try the printed skinnies and tiger print motif blouses since they are completely in line with her quirky and very eccentric style.

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Faith Cummings is a senior editor and staff writer for Fashion Bomb Daily.

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