Show Review: Manish Arora Fall 2012

Manish Arora‘s Fall 2012 collection might have been conceived after the designer took a stroll in the city. Allowing the urban landscape to inform his designs, Arora drew inspiration from both the spectacular and mundane of the metropolitan scenery. Mossy green embellishments creep up brick printed dresses and separates. Graphic prints of serene faces are ornamented with cherry blossom appliqués, bringing a sweetness to the surreal prints. The look of glowing neon signs is recalled in a series of geometric mirror-patterned pieces.

Offsetting the jarring prints and modern sensibilites, Arora keeps to classic silhouettes. Sharply pointed pencil skirts and shifts fall crisply below the knee, decidedly feminine dresses nip at the waist, blooming into bouncy, flirtatious flares. Gowns boast voluminous skirts, cleanly tailored jackets and pants appear to flatter in spite of their busy prints.

By far, Arora’s most spectacular offerings are his last series of pieces that look like sections of large graffiti tags superimposed onto frocks and separates. The neon hues fail to overwhelm classic cuts, and instead provide a modern urban twist on otherwise prim looks.


I really enjoyed this collection. As a born and raised city girl, the visual references to the urban environment are certainly attractive to me. I’m in love with those last graffiti printed frocks– they would be perfect for Rihanna, who is long overdue for a style update.

What do you think?


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