Show Review: Maison Martin Margiela Pre-Fall 2013


Maison Martin Margiela’s Pre-Fall 2013 collection is all about function coupled with a punk influence, seen in the biker boots paired with each ensemble and other leather details. From shaggy furs to very modest dresses, the offerings are some of the most wearable and streamlined of the season and are sure to be huge retail hits.

maison-martin-margiela-pre-fall-2013-5 maison-martin-margiela-pre-fall-2013-1 maison-martin-margiela-pre-fall-2013-2 maison-martin-margiela-pre-fall-2013-3 maison-martin-margiela-pre-fall-2013-4

Though most every designer is trying suiting on for size for Pre-Fall, it’s no surprise here as Margiela has often stayed in the structured lane. The menswear-inspired pieces look quite interesting when paired with the collection’s boots: a great juxtaposition against the more rigid lines.

maison-martin-margiela-pre-fall-2013-10 maison-martin-margiela-pre-fall-2013-6 maison-martin-margiela-pre-fall-2013-7 maison-martin-margiela-pre-fall-2013-8 maison-martin-margiela-pre-fall-2013-9

Outerwear is a strong focus with roomy shearling coats and vests.

maison-martin-margiela-pre-fall-2013-13 maison-martin-margiela-pre-fall-2013-14 maison-martin-margiela-pre-fall-2013-15 maison-martin-margiela-pre-fall-2013-11 maison-martin-margiela-pre-fall-2013-12

Not to fret: there are definitely feminine elements at play here. From thigh-baring mini skirts to figure-hugging dresses, Margiela’s more girlish fans aren’t completely bereft of designs they will love.

maison-martin-margiela-pre-fall-2013-19 maison-martin-margiela-pre-fall-2013-20 maison-martin-margiela-pre-fall-2013-16 maison-martin-margiela-pre-fall-2013-17 maison-martin-margiela-pre-fall-2013-18

Are you feeling Maison Martin Margiela’s latest collection?



Faith Cummings is a senior editor and staff writer for Fashion Bomb Daily.

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