Show Review: LaQuan Smith Spring 2013

LaQuan Smith held his Spring 2013 show at the Hudson Hotel’s outdoor garden on Monday, just steps away from Lincoln Center. The young designer presented his offerings for next season to an audience including June Ambrose, Constance C.R. White (both of whom were sitting at my table), Ty Hunter, and more. Inspired by his recent travels to the British Virgin Islands and Lagos, Nigeria, the 24-year-old designer imagined a wardrobe for the globetrotting woman of leisure.

The collection was heavy on cropped silhouettes, high waistlines, and Smith’s beloved hotpants. The designer translated the easygoing mood of the vacationing woman with several pieces boasting a delicate lace laid over silver glitter, denim, and neon fabrics.

For the sporty chick, Smith delivered a few beach-ready sheer, hooded windbreaker-type pieces, emboldended by black piping.

The foray was practically devoid of evening looks, although this sleek, short-sleeved coral sleeve gown with high thigh slit comes close.

All in all, the collection certainly gave the resort vibe Smith was going for. I’d say these spring offerings skew to the sporty, somewhat tomboyish side. I could see Azealia Banks in those glittery denim hotpants, or Tomboy extraordinaire Teyana Taylor hitting an event in that coral gown.

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Photos: Zimbio

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