Show Review: KTZ Fall 2014

Though KTZ’s fall 2014 collection overflowed with ubiquitous tints of black and white, no one can deny the tactful mastery in the creation of the garments this season.  Pejoski injected an over-abundance of intricacy and luxury this go ’round, while still maintaining the brand’s motif of fun embellishments.

KTZ Fall 2014 1

Pejoski has a deep seated affection for all things nomadic, as evidenced in past collections.  Here, he injected strong Moroccan references in this season’s assemblage.  Of note were anoraks bathed in generous amounts of tulle and bomber jackets embellished with star-shaped appliques; some outerwear exhibiting patterns reminiscent of magnified snowflakes.  He certainly kept things interesting with a few options, namely a pencil skirt and opera gloves featuring an abundance of fur.

KTZ Fall 2014 2
KTZ Fall 2014 3
KTZ Fall 2014 4
KTZ Fall 2014 5
KTZ Fall 2014 6
KTZ Fall 2014 7 Mirrored embellishments adorned hooded jackets and laser-cut leggings; definitely go to items for Tinsletown’s young and trendy come fall.  KTZ Fall 2014 8

KTZ Fall 2014 9

KTZ Fall 2014 10

Winter was celebrated, almost in a literal sense, with a few all-white looks sashaying down the runway.  You can almost feel a spine-tingling, wintry chill just by looking at the beautifully patterned coats and sheath dresses.  So beautiful, in fact, they almost make experiencing the polar vortex first hand slightly appealing. Yet despite the dense fabrics of choice and slightly cumbersome ski boots, Pejoski managed to successfully exude an air of femininity, especially with pleated organza skirts swishing on the catwalk.

KTZ Fall 2014 11  KTZ Fall 2014 12  KTZ Fall 2014 13  KTZ Fall 2014 14  KTZ Fall 2014 15

And if those many facets didn’t keep onlookers on their toes, all black looks featuring perfectly tailored puffer jackets, jacquard A-line dresses, and a two-piece sequined ensemble was sure to warm a few hearts that appreciate the subtle avante-garde appeal.  Accessorizing them with gaudy gold necklaces, cuffs and earrings added a pop of urban allure.  But the striped gold dress pair leggings of the same pattern was the perfect way to round out this collection.

KTZ Fall 2014 16  KTZ Fall 2014 17  KTZ Fall 2014 18  KTZ Fall 2014 19  KTZ Fall 2014 20  KTZ Fall 2014 21

While many of the pieces don’t actually seem “ready-to-wear”, Pejoski never fails to deliver something to keep people in the fashion world talking.  Masterful details and construction were at the forefront here.  And where he lacked in color, Pejoski more than makes up for it with his imagination and impeccable taste for fabric choices.  Nevertheless, Rihanna, Nicki Minaj, and maybe even Kanye must be somewhere salivating over KTZ’s offerings this season.

KTZ Fall 2014 Marjan Pejoski What say you?



Vuitton is a Bahamas native and a staff writer for Fashion Bomb Daily.

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