Show Review: Kate Spade New York Fall 2013


Let’s face it: sometimes the fashion industry takes itself too seriously. All the Zoolander faces and model posing (even for us mere mortals) becomes a bit stale and sometimes a girl just wants to have a bit of fun. Well not to fret: Deborah Lloyd at Kate Spade New York has come to the rescue! For the brand’s Fall 2013 collection, she is truly putting the cheer back in fashion with whimsical and supremely feminine styles that play with eye-catching prints, vibrant colors, and quirky detailing.

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How will the Kate Spade retro-loving woman stay warm for Fall? Well, she’ll start with the collection’s bracelet-sleeve coats, embellished with pyramid stud buttons. For her more glamorous nights out on the town, she can throw on the brand’s latest fur and floral brocade designs.

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At times, the designs do not even feel autumnal at all, with loads of electric shades from yellow to cherry red.


kate-spade-new-york-fall-2013-15 kate-spade-new-york-fall-2013-16 kate-spade-new-york-fall-2013-13


Prints please! The collection is full of patterns: polka dot, tens of colorful lipstick tubes, a diamond print, and more.

kate-spade-new-york-fall-2013-18 kate-spade-new-york-fall-2013-19 kate-spade-new-york-fall-2013-20 kate-spade-new-york-fall-2013-17

Feral patterns are shaping up to be one of Fall’s biggest trends and Lloyd plays with leopard here on colorblock shoulder bags, flirty mini skirts, floppy brim hats, and ankle-length trousers. She even reworks it in a black, pink, and red colorway for those looking to put a new spin on the print.

kate-spade-new-york-fall-2013-24 kate-spade-new-york-fall-2013-25 kate-spade-new-york-fall-2013-21 kate-spade-new-york-fall-2013-22 kate-spade-new-york-fall-2013-23

Stylish stars like Kerry Washington and Elle Varner have gravitated toward the brand’s accessories, but these offerings make a great case for read carpet-perfect ready-to-wear from expertly tailored short suits to flirty polka dot confections.

kate-spade-new-york-fall-2013-27 kate-spade-new-york-fall-2013-28 kate-spade-new-york-fall-2013-26

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Faith Cummings is a senior editor and staff writer for Fashion Bomb Daily.

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