Show Review: Kate Spade Fall 2014

It wouldn’t take  genius to figure out that Kate Spade creative director Deborah Lloyd‘s been spending a lot of time in Asia recently. Really, anyone with two eyes and a basic knowledge of Asian cultural markers could figure it out. For fall, Lloyd juxtaposed those influences with the brand’s signature retro aesthetic, of course, with a touch of  kawaii realness.

Kate Spade Fall 2014 9

Ankle-skimming cropped trousers in look-at-me hues were combined with colorful coats and prim-but-playful blouses. For those driven towards more opulent fare, there were a few jewel-embellished ensembles, most notably a navy belted-waist coat. Also on tap were ostrich feather mufflers, and one jacket made entirely from the stuff. Also: enough bows and sequins to shake a stick at.

Kate Spade Fall 2014 2

Kate Spade Fall 2014 6

Kate Spade Fall 2014 23

Kate Spade Fall 2014 7

My favorite look was a black turtleneck and teddy bear-textured skirt affixed with a giant bow.

Kate Spade Fall 2014 11

The purse selection was a delight to see as always. Mixed in with more practical options were a slim rectangular piece emblazoned with a colorful “Hello Tokyo,” a couple fan-shaped clutches, a cute carrier in the shape of a birdcage with embroidered birds on the side, a round clutch inspired by the Japanese Maneki-Neko cat, a Chinese takeout box, and a clutch shaped like a choo-choo train.

Kate Spade Fall 2014 17

Kate Spade Fall 2014 1

Kate Spade Fall 2014 5 Kate Spade Fall 2014 24

Kate Spade Fall 2014 28

Kate Spade is always a crowdpleaser, and this season was no exception. Of course, the woman who prefers a cleaner, more pared-down look might not jump to acquire most of these options, but certainly, she can appreciate these looks.

Kate Spade Fall 2014 3

Kate Spade Fall 2014 30

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