A large sign backstage at John Galliano’s Fall 2010 show read, “Nomadic Girls. Just coming from the mountains. Follow the rhythms of the drum. Be sexy, UP, strong. Have fun!!!”

A diverse cast of models did just that at Halle Freyssinat in the Paris’ 13th arrondissement, parading an assortment of frilly gowns, large headdresses, fur, and feathers for Galliano’s North African themed show.

Tulle mixed with metal jewelry and spiked hiking boots in a nod to a tribe of ‘nomadic’ well dressed women, some even resembling Cleopatra with sharp cut black bobs. Galliano brought glitter and glamour to layered mountain ready coats, drop waist pants, and mini skirts, all to the sound of a drum beat. Check out the final walk:

Talk about ending with a bang!

Afterwards I went backstage, and peeped a Galliano creation:

I’m pretty sure that was the final look. It was amazing to see the gold embroidery and tulle up close! Absolutely lovely.

What do you think?


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