Show Review: Jenny Packham Spring 2012

Jenny Packham sticks to her bread and butter appealing to the Hollywood starlet set with a spring collection of romantic gowns, fit for a duchess. The pieces, dreamy as they are, possess a quiet power in even in their delicacy.

The effortless flow of the garments are a testament to Packham’s expert hand, the chiffons maintaing their coquettish flip with unflappable will in spite of the heavy, intricate crystal beadwork undoubtedly weighing it down.

Keeping in the tradition of airy effortlessness, draped floor length gowns in blouson cuts cascade into sheer sheaths of layered chiffon. Body-hugging silhouettes provide the perfect foundation for bright colorful beaded flowers, ideal for a springtime red carpet.

Generously beaded lace playsuits make up for in beauty what they lack in practicality.

To be honest, the photos do not do this collection justice! The looks are infinitely more powerful and stunning in person. Jenny Packham’s work this season is truly exquisite, and I predict her pieces will be on many a starlet and socialite next season. What do you think? Are you loving this one?



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