Show Review: Hood by Air Fall 2014

If there was any question whether Hood by Air creative director Shayne Oliver is changing fashion’s view of streetwear yesterday at 1:00, by 2:00, the industry had its answer. For the first time, the designer presented a collection of men’s and women’s looks, or rather looks for… people, as androgyny was the narrative thread that held this offering together.

Hood By Air Fall 2014 24

Models of both genders came down the runway, most outfitted with a headband festooned with metal washers, from which long tracks of fake hair hung down, clad HBA’s roomy, zipper-laden fare. It was hard to tell sometimes who was a man and who was a woman. And I suppose that was the point.

Hood By Air Fall 2014 17

Hood By Air Fall 2014 23

Hood By Air Fall 2014 36

As for the clothes, Oliver serves up street shapes and staples, re-imagined with a high-fashion flair. From the back of jeans hung swaths of fabric bearing the brand’s logo. There was lacing galore on oversized leather jackets, pants, and sweatshirts. Unzipped panels revealing peeks of flesh added a welcome dash of sex appeal. For fans of the trend, there was also plenty of denim, and hefty carryalls rounding out a couple ensembles.

Hood By Air Fall 2014 17

Hood By Air Fall 2014 19

Hood By Air Fall 2014 10

Hood By Air Fall 2014 12

Hood By Air Fall 2014 35

But the real treat was at the end of the show, when a troupe of voguers emerged onto the runway, flicking their (very secure) wigs, flashing their hands and dipping. Oliver (who is an expert voguer himself) sadly did not join in, but I was, to say the least, very thankful for the display.

Hood By Air Fall 2014 40

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