Show Review: Givenchy Resort 2013

I still have images in my head of last year’s spectacular Givenchy Resort collection. How could one forget those jubilant, exploding tropical mirror prints blooming from the center of each expertly tailored piece? The collection embodied the beauty of what Resort is all about: a mid-winter break from heavy knits and a moody color palette into the joyful hues of next season. It seems this time around, Riccardo Tisci is designing less for the vacation-bound woman of leisure, instead creating clothes fit for a nomadic femme fatale.

That this collection is certainly not wont for print. The curling fingers of ornate patchwork paisley patterns adorn everything from silken harem pants and blouses, to floor-length column dresses. The pattern’s bohemian feel is offset by shots of Tisci’s trademark edginess: razor-sharp tailoring and intense shots of red, black, and crisp whites.

Tisci’s taken quite a shine to the capelet, offering several versions attached to dresses, blouses, and jackets, adding a mysterious air to his offerings.

For the woman who vacations in cooler climates, there are a few structured leather pieces, taking cues from the brand’s Fall 2012 pieces.

Of course, Tisci serves up a crop of gowns in a mood of savage intensity, carefree bohemian glamour, and soft elegance at the same time.

I’m a fan of paisley prints, and I love the nomadic vibe of this collection, but it’s not something that will work for every woman. There’s a lot of billowy material here– some of these looks might be hard to wear if you’re not a clothes hanger. I am a huge fan of that red collared capelet blouse, and this gypsy gown. At any rate, there are several black leather dresses in which Kanye West will no doubt outfit his new muse, Kim Kardashian.


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