Show Review: Fendi Resort 2015

Fendi is truly in a league of its own and the Italian fashion house proves that with its unabashed show of all things luxurious and furry. Silvia Venturini and Karl Lagerfeld have become masters of effortlessly juxtaposing excess against refined silhouettes and Italian opulence countering a street-smart sensibility — coming together for a very beguiling blend that would be tricky for any other brand to execute as seamlessly. For the Resort 2015 collection, Lagerfeld harked back a quarter of a century and resurrected the fashion house’s “Fendi Roma” graffiti-inspired motif, which was literally sprawled across outerwear, blouses, track pants, and flirty dresses.




The sporty chic trend has traversed into the transitional season, and Lagerfeld made its presence felt here with mesh wherever possible and contrast piping galore — no sneakers though, despite most brands jumping on the trainer bandwagon. A white mink bomber was playfully paired with a bikini top and track pants, while perforated clogs anchored a colorful patchwork print tracksuit. You shouldn’t dare to break a sweat in these designs, but comfort is always fun, especially when the designs are innovative.





Fendi never fails to keep its die-hard aficionados engaged, while still pulling in new legions of fans with each collection. When it comes to luxury, the fashion house is standing at the pinnacle, but nothing feels dated or forced — a key to the brand’s longevity. Lagerfeld also always finds ways to make old things new again, like florals for instance. The classic print danced by way of rosette embroidery on mixed texture dresses, fur hoodies, and sleeveless knits.





I’m a less is more kind of gal so the more minimalist designs tickled my fancy. A white short-sleeve A-line dress, a mesh sheath whose bodice zipped open to reveal a black stripe, an expertly-tailored powder blue suit — if you’re going to invest in Fendi, the pieces you splurge on should instantly become wardrobe staples right? These will do just that.






When it comes to evening, there were a few red carpet-ready options including a textured, full-skirted white dress with black piping and a pink strapless gown emblazoned with an oversized floral print. A black mini dress boasted navy trim and pleated detailing, just at its back — powerful, yet reticent in its approach. Overall, the collection was spirited and first-rate in the craftsmanship realm. It all tied into the permanence and magic of the Fendi brand.





Are you feeling Fendi’s latest collection?



Faith Cummings is a senior editor and staff writer for Fashion Bomb Daily.

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