Show Review: Delpozo Fall 2014

Delpozo‘s quickly become one of the hottest tickets at Fashion Week, and it’s easy to see why. Since showing for the first time at NYFW last year, the designer’s delivered collections that have ignited the fantasies and imaginations of editors and it-girls everywhere. Creative director Josep Font tried to bring a little bit of that magic back for fall, and the consensus is that he succeeded.

Delpozo Fall 2014 22

Delpozo’s recent offerings have admittedly been a little too much for the average woman. There aren’t a lot of people out there who can (or would even dare to)  pull off some of the looks Font churns out. For example, a pair of shorts with an enormous ruffle creeping up and around front. Pieces like those are certainly not for the timid. The same can be said of what was presented for Fall 2014, except these pieces are infinitely more wearable.

Delpozo Fall 2014 23

Delpozo Fall 2014 25

Delpozo Fall 2014 35

Delpozo Fall 2014 14

Sticking to his architectural proclivities, Font says he tried to create clothing “unattached to the body that flows.” Such was found in voluminous tent-like capes, pointed shoulders, and flat piping on dresses, coats, and blouses. Seeking inspiration in the work of Italian painter Duilio Barnabe and futuristic novel Logan‘s Run, Font devises a gorgeous display, a series of pieces that can be best described three-dimensional with the same flat, one-dimensional charm seen in Barnabe’s work.

Delpozo Fall 2014 4

Delpozo Fall 2014 24

Delpozo Fall 2014 27

Delpozo Fall 2014 34

Most striking was a paillette and tassel-embellished cape-like dress with a flat front and sheer hemline. Also notable was a fuchsia strapless gown with scalloped neckline. A knit pom-pom covered red dress was a favorite of showgoers.

Delpozo Fall 2014 28

Delpozo Fall 2014 20

Delpozo Fall 2014 36

But we’d be more likely to see fashion-forward starlets in the more traditionally “pretty” fare. There are a couple of embellished flowy, collared dresses that could be red-carpet contenders, and a short, strapless colorblocked cocktail dress festooned with sequins could be another popular option.

Delpozo Fall 2014 32

Delpozo Fall 2014 33

Delpozo Fall 2014 29

Delpozo Fall 2014 37

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