Show Review : Chanel Fall 2010 Ready to Wear

A Polar Bear on the front of Chanel’s Fall 2010 Ready to Wear show invitation should have indicated to today’s attendees to dress for permafrost. Guests, editors, and celebrities such as Lindsay Lohan and Vanessa Paradis piled into the icy venue at Grand Palais, and were greeted by a large white screen which eventually lifted to reveal a block of ice:

Cold wind chilled the air during Karl Lagerfeld’s ode to global warming, with men and women in boxy coats and faux fur boots walking around a dripping iceburg, trailing luxurious coats through liquid around the wintry set. Literal arctic accoutrements eventually gave way to more classic Chanel looks such as tweeds suits, sweater dresses, and white frocks perfect for ice princesses:

I’m a prep at heart, so was swooning over Chanel’s more classic tweed pieces, and loved the black, gray, and whites of the show (more pictures to come).

I caught a video of the opening ‘iceberg reveal’:

And also tried to keep a steady hand while filming the final walk:

I was trying to tweet and get a picture of Karl Lagerfeld at the same time. Voila le resultat. My B!

Anyway, it was a show I’ll never forget!

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