Show Review: Burberry Prorsum Fall 2013


Christopher Bailey has been at the creative helm of Burberry for over a decade now and has successfully managed to usher the longstanding, prim and proper fashion house into the 21st century with his modern spins on the classics. For his latest collection for the Prorsum brand, he taps into a naughtier sensibility, inspired by Christine Keeler, the infamous English model, showgirl, and prostitute whose affair with the British Secretary of State for War, John Profumo, led to his resignation from Parliament in 1963. A pretty racy subject to tackle, though controversy is what great fashion collections are made of. Titled “Trench Kisses”, the offerings meld the brand’s signatures with hints of the boudoir including grommets, sheer latex, heart print briefs, and so much more.

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Bailey hits us with the sex appeal right out of the gate with a sheer latex-sleeved trench, accented with gold metal pockets: the kind of reiteration of the timeless piece that might scare the brand’s more conservative customers, but certainly will be a must-have for the young and edgy fashion set. The rubber continues on a maroon pencil skirt on Karlie Kloss, quite conservative beige shell on Liu Wen gone exotic when paired with a snakeskin skirt, a transparent swing coat that might be the season’s “It” raincoat, and a number of other pieces that make the texture as conventional as we’ve ever seen it. Will the pieces be functional is the real question to be asked.

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Animal prints are a focus in the collection, sure to make Christine Keeler proud with their blatant ferocity. From a functional leopard mohair sweater to kitten wedges and slouchy clutches, nothing is off limits to Bailey for the season, showing that he and his avid fans do have a bit of “wild child” in them.

burberry-prorsum-fall-2013-16 burberry-prorsum-fall-2013-17 burberry-prorsum-fall-2013-18 burberry-prorsum-fall-2013-19 burberry-prorsum-fall-2013-20 burberry-prorsum-fall-2013-21 burberry-prorsum-fall-2013-22

It’s Valentine’s Day all over again with heart print designs. The sweet symbols give a flirty flair to simple collared frocks, button-front blouses (on both ladies and gents), a wool trench-style coat, and more.

burberry-prorsum-fall-2013-26 burberry-prorsum-fall-2013-27 burberry-prorsum-fall-2013-24 burberry-prorsum-fall-2013-25

For the simpler aesthetic, the brand does capture its quintessential pieces from shirt dresses to trousers and blouses in stripes: wardrobe staples for every cool Brit.

burberry-prorsum-fall-2013-32 burberry-prorsum-fall-2013-28 burberry-prorsum-fall-2013-29 burberry-prorsum-fall-2013-30 burberry-prorsum-fall-2013-31

The collection really gets edgy with grommet detailing on oversize zip clutches, trench coats, pencil skirts, and even crop tops.

burberry-prorsum-fall-2013-39 burberry-prorsum-fall-2013-33 burberry-prorsum-fall-2013-34 burberry-prorsum-fall-2013-35 burberry-prorsum-fall-2013-36 burberry-prorsum-fall-2013-37 burberry-prorsum-fall-2013-38

Hollywood starlets including Rita Ora, bff Cara Delevingne, and Ashley Madekwe will definitely find a few red carpet selections in the mix. My favorite design is a simple halter LBD, uplifted with an oversize heart brooch — touching on the aforementioned heart motifs but also resembling that which Yves Saint Laurent used in the collections of his day.

burberry-prorsum-fall-2013-44 burberry-prorsum-fall-2013-40 burberry-prorsum-fall-2013-41 burberry-prorsum-fall-2013-42 burberry-prorsum-fall-2013-43

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Faith Cummings is a senior editor and staff writer for Fashion Bomb Daily.

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