Show Review: Atelier Versace Spring 2013


The Spring 2013 couture shows have kicked off in Paris, and one of the most anticipated collections each season is Atelier Versace. The fashion house never holds back on glamour and over-the-top detailing, thus couture is really its time to shine. The latest designs from the brand are what Donatella Versace does best from showstopping soon-to-be-worn red carpet gowns to breathtaking brights.

atelier-versace-spring-2013-couture-4 atelier-versace-spring-2013-couture-1 atelier-versace-spring-2013-couture-2 atelier-versace-spring-2013-couture-3

It seems the fashion industry is stuck on menswear, as Versace presents some couture options that surely borrow from the boys. A pinstripe suit with gold embroidery, blazers worn with nothing underneath to expose flesh in true Versace fashion, modest skirt suits gone glam with fringe detailing and crystals: this isn’t the pared-down minimalism some other designers have presented. My favorite among these looks is a gold strong-shouldered suit which will definitely work on the red carpet for a starlet daring enough to try it.

atelier-versace-spring-2013-couture-7 atelier-versace-spring-2013-couture-8 atelier-versace-spring-2013-couture-5 atelier-versace-spring-2013-couture-6

The brand is known for its rocker chic edge and it shows through on the runway in leather biker vests and jackets and even an electric shaggy fur that would have looked heavenly on Ziggy Stardust in the ’70s.

atelier-versace-spring-2013-couture-26 atelier-versace-spring-2013-couture-24 atelier-versace-spring-2013-couture-25

Will anyone be brave enough to wear the collection’s slew of fur and crystal-embellished dresses? Lady Gaga perhaps? Well, whoever decides to sport them will certainly be warm.

atelier-versace-spring-2013-couture-19 atelier-versace-spring-2013-couture-17 atelier-versace-spring-2013-couture-18

The brand ups the sex quotient for the red carpet-ready pieces, as if anyone would expect anything different from Versace. Form-fitting silhouettes, cutout detailing, thigh-high slits: I truly hope beauties including Halle Berry and Heidi Klum slip into these designs and show us all how to wear a gown.

atelier-versace-spring-2013-couture-9 atelier-versace-spring-2013-couture-10 atelier-versace-spring-2013-couture-11 atelier-versace-spring-2013-couture-12 atelier-versace-spring-2013-couture-13 atelier-versace-spring-2013-couture-14 atelier-versace-spring-2013-couture-15atelier-versace-spring-2013-couture-16

Couture is wearable art, bringing fantasy to life, but some of the brand’s designs border on the ridiculous here.  Shiny chiffon gowns in neon hues with contrast zipper-detailed tubing just do not translate into real life in the slightest, as well as having zero place on the red carpet.

atelier-versace-spring-2013-couture-22 atelier-versace-spring-2013-couture-23 atelier-versace-spring-2013-couture-20 atelier-versace-spring-2013-couture-21

Thought’s on Versace’s latest Couture collection?



Faith Cummings is a senior editor and staff writer for Fashion Bomb Daily.

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