Show Review: 5:31 Jérôme Fall 2014

5:31 Jérôme‘s creative director Jerome LaMaar has had quite a charmed stint in the fashion industry. Three years after the Bronx native landed an internship at Kimora Lee‘s Baby Phat label, he was hired there as a senior designer and creative brand coordinator. He was only 18 at the time. Since then, he’s apprenticed with Ralph Rucci, and worked for Parisian trend agency Promostyl as a forecaster.


It is only inevitable that such a talent might venture out  to build his own brand. And there is no doubt that LaMaar has the ability and keen eye to do so. A quick peek at his 14-piece collection for Fall 2014 is clear evidence.

Piya Wan

LaMaar says this season, he was looking to put a feminine slant on the hunting tomboy look, which could be found in crisp cuffed culottes, utilitarian vests,  silky button-downs, and a red fur-trimmed parka.

Molly Aleksandra



However, the rest of the looks seemed a bit more cosmopolitan than country. The hunting influences were more difficult to see in tailored cutout cocktail dresses, and a pink blazer paired with burnt orange-hued trousers and turquoise pumps. A plum-colored coat decorated with giant gems was a standout piece, but certainly not something at I’d look at and think “aha! urban huntress.”

Gabrielle Mackenzie

Overall, it’s clear that LaMaar has an understanding of what silhouettes women are gravitating to these days, and this offering certainly will appeal to city-dwellers.

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