Scandal Fashion Flash: Kerry Washington’s Season 3 Episode 3 Donna Karan Cashmere Coat and Giorgio Armani Suit

Bombs over Baghdad! We all knew that Scandal was explosive but last night Shonda Rhimes took that label literally. But even amidst rubble Olivia Pope wouldn’t be caught dead without a statement coat and fitted pant suit.
Kerry Washington wears Cashmere Coat on Scandal
For the start of the episode Kerry is cloaked in a Donna Karan cashmere coat. See it below in pink.
Olvia Pope wears this Donna Karan Cashmere Coat on Scandal Season 3
Double facing, the slouchy piece was worn over a “violet grey” Giorgio Armani suit with a single black button detail.
Sadly the Donna Karan met a fiery end.
Olivia Pope wears Donna Karan cashmere coat on Scandal
Can’t wait for the next episode! Do you pick your jackets based on your mood like Olivia?

P.S. Here’s a better photo of that Armani.
Olivia Pope in Grey Giorgio Armani suit

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