Roll Call: Where Do You Buy Your Hair?

Former Bombshell Patience writes, “I am having problems finding good hair extensions or wigs because I live in a small town in Iowa (career choice). “

” I am looking for preferably Indian virgin hair. I have purchased this hair before from online vendors that I goggled and the hair seems to fall apart after a few washes. I couldn’t think of anyone else to ask but you about good hair recommendations. I know you have dreadlocks and don’t use extensions but I figured you’d have some insight.”
Well actually….I don’t know much about weaves. Aside from well known companies like Indique and Hair Factory, I’m clueless!
But I’m sure a lot of Fashion Bomb readers can point you in the right direction.
So ladies (and gents), please help dear Patience out.

Where can one find quality hair?
Images: Global Grind/Elle Russia


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