It’s one thing to accessorize with unique hair styles, but now overly accessorizing in 2017 is taking a stance. From celebrities to Instagram models they are coming up with the most unique ways to keep you hair intact, while making a  statement at the same time.

There are many hair styles, and tons of fun accessories to choose, but the beauty of it all is the creation behind the dramatic effect look. The most popular hair styles to achieve such a look are with french braids or a slick back ponytail.

Take a look:

Bobby pins are not just your go-to essential for keeping your hair strands in place, they are one of the most effective and practical ways to style your hair!

Hair cuffs are also a very popular way to dress up braided styles.

Hair rings were seen among celebrities like Kim Kardashian and Christina Aguilera, as well as many other celebrities and bloggers. It gives braids a grungy look. There’s nothing wrong with a little edge.

Behold, the safety pin trick. They’re not just used for fixing garments, celebs have proved. If you are under a budget, grab a box of safety pins from supplies stores like Staples or Office Depot and you’ve just found a cool way to use those safety pins for multiple purposes.

To get the look, shop these similar hair accessories below:


What do you think? Can you pull of this trend?


Images from: Pinterest,, and @kelelam


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