Rock it or Knock It? Summer 2014’s Mesh Trend

So, the mesh trend has become quite popular. Street style legends including Andy Torres, Rihanna and Christine Centenera have rocked the net-inspired print and online stores have rushed to fully stock mesh sweatshirts, dresses and even pumps. While scouring some online sources, I found a few women who made the fabric look undeniably cool. Take a look!

Blake von D paired her black mesh crop top with a vibrant graphic pencil skirt, statement sunnies and a fringe purse Check the Eiffel Tower though, how cool is she?
Olivia Palermo combined two similar prints with accentuating mesh sleeves. She always look so put together.
Atlantic-Pacific blogger Blair Eadie went all out with her black and white ensemble. I want that jacket!


This street style maven chose an all-black approach to the trend.
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Surprised to see Rihanna? I’d imagine not. What can she not wear?


Ashleigh of The Daileigh masters an effortless monochrome look offset with a mesh bandeau. She’s definitely a blogger to watch!


The mesh look borders upon the lines of risky yet conservative. I love the unexpected look of its addition to an outfit. Talk about mesh overload!

What do you guys think of this trend? Rock it? Knock It?

If you say knock it, what steers you clear of trying it just once? Thanks to Olivia Palermo, I may have to invest in a piece or two.

~Intern 9

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