Rock It Or Knock It? Culottes

I’ve been dying to do a Rock It Or Knock It feature! No joke. I’ve been inspired by a plethora of trends but this particular trend hasn’t grown on me just yet. I’m almost certain you’re asking, “What trend might that be?


Culottes look cool on some people and, on others, they sort of resemble baggy pants gone wrong. So, I figured I’d present this question to those who would give me an honest answer – our Fashion Bomb readers. If anyone can distinguish between what’s hot and what’s not, it’s you guys!

So, let’s take a look at some brave individuals who attempted to rock the culotte trend:


This street style fashionista paired her printed culottes with a white crop top. I’m SO in love with those black and white pumps!


Blogger and photographer Tamu McPherson sported silver sandals and a sleeveless blouse with her bold  black and white culottes.


Green culottes were the way to go for this style maven. She offset her look with a fluffy, navy blue sweater and black platforms. I need those sunnies!



ASOS has jumped on the culottes bandwagon! They offer a variety of colors and designs but this pair features a navy geo print. The online phenom paired a bejeweled sleeveless shirt with a pair of minimalist, strappy heels.


Wondered if the celebrities were rocking the culotte trend? It looks like they are! Starlet Jessica Alba served in a pair of denim culottes. She added a bit of pizzazz to her outfit by adding some grey wedges and and a nude bag. Doesn’t she look awesome?


So, I’m still not too sure as to whether culottes are “rockable” or not.


What the verdict, Fashion Bomb readers? Should we Rock It Or Knock It?


Signing Out — Esmesha

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