Happy Hump Day!
So while we covered a slew of stars in the styling world a few months back, there are a few new talents creeping on a come up, who are setting the fashionable tone for many of your favorite celebs.
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Here are 5 stylists we think you should keep on your chic radar.
In no particular order…

1. Law Roach
law roach stylsits to know celebrity style zendaya fashion bomb daily
If you’ve ever drooled over Zendaya Coleman’s many looks, or envied Monica Brown or Brandy’s slick ensembles, chances are Law Roach was behind them!
monica brown law roach style burberry jacket
Brandy Norwood all smiles while out and about in New York City
The Chicago native got started in the industry after owning an upscale vintage store called Deliciously Vintage Boutique. He said, “I used to travel the world collecting and curating some of the most sought after pieces. Styling was naturally the next step after that.”
In terms of a dream future client, he writes, “[I’d love to style] Gabourey Sidibe. I feel like a lot of people underestimate her beauty and I can definitely have a moment with her. I grew up and was raised around women with her shape, so I feel like I know and understand how to dress her body type.” I’d definitely love to see that!
law roach luxury law fashion bomb daily 5 stylists you should know
And for those looking to break in, he says, “Study the industry! Find an internship with someone whose career path you are inspired by and soak everything in.” Indeed. See more of Law’s life on Instagram @LuxuryLaw.
2. Kanayo Ebi
Kanayo Ebi
Angela Simmons is a certified style star, due in large part to the creative input of Nigerian American stylist Kanayo Ebi. Ebi graduated from College with a BA in Psychology and had plans on getting a PhD in Clinical Psychology, but realized she derived more enjoyment from helping people feel better about themselves–through style.
She said, ” I had friends that modeled and I used to help them shop and put together looks for events and test shoots for their portfolios. One day, I was on set of a shoot for a magazine helping a friend out, and the main stylist loved my “eye for fashion” and the outfits I was piecing together. He offered to let me work with him on projects he had going on to get more of a feel for styling. At the end of each shoot I felt so fulfilled and content, and I just knew I had to see about possibly exploring styling as a career.”
angela simmons kanayo ebi kachmeifyoucan_ fashion bomb daily
She continues, “I find I can still incorporate psychology into fashion because it’s all about making a person feel better about themselves, learning a person’s personality, and helping improve self image.”
Angela simmons kanayo ebi black leather
For those looking to break in, she says, “Patience, Perseverance and Persistence. It’s definitely a tough industry to break into and it’s a lot of work and dedication. Always stay true to yourself and believe in your talent/skills. Find your niche, what aspect of fashion really interests you, and work on developing it and learning the ropes. Also, never stop reinventing yourself. Fashion is always evolving, and there’s always something new on the scene. Don’t be afraid to step outside the box and take risks. Everybody’s not going to understand it, like it or agree with it, but eventually they will have to respect it. Find what inspires you, and network with like minds and people that can help you grow and fuel your passion.” Boom.
kanayo ebi angela simmons stylist fashion bomb daily
Follow Kanayo on Instagram @kachmeifyoucan_
3. Daniel Hawkins
Daniel Hawkins Celebrity Stylist 5 stylists you should know watch fashion bomb daily
Marlo Hampton set Real Housewives of Atlanta ablaze with her straight off the runway looks and perfectly executed ensembles. Her secret weapon? Daniel Hawkins aka 1800DHawk.
marlo-hampton-bet-2012-1 daniel hawkins
Raised in a small town near Columbia, South Carolina, Daniel was always an artsy kid with dreams of becoming a fashion designer, undoubtedly inspired by his ‘glamazon’ mother. He said, “My mom wore heels every single day. I would sit in the bathroom as she applied individual lashes every single day. If it wasn’t for her, I probably wouldn’t have the fashion know how that I have now. She was my version of Barbie.”
daniel hawkins Marlo+Hampton+Marlo+Hampton+Enjoys+Night+Out+ZBBriViLDa4x
After setting a chic tone with Marlo, the word got about his superior talents, and other reality clients, including Nene Leakes, Laura Govan, and Porsha Stewart followed suit.
porsha stewart versace watch what happens live
Laura Govan Style Fashion Week
For those looking to break in, he says, “Do not give up. A million doors will be closed, only to open 2 million more. Don’t be afraid to work for free in the beginning just to get your feet wet, show your hunger, and establish who you are and what you have to offer. Intern for a more established stylist or for a showroom if possible to learn the ropes of the business easily, instead of having to figure out everything on your own. Last but not least attend events and network. You can never put yourself out there too much, especially in the beginning.”
Daniel has a fashion line in the works! Get updates on Instagram @1800Dhawk

4. Douglas Hickman Jr.
Douglas hickman fashion bomb daily stylist you should know
If you’ve been following Brandy’s most recent style posts, you’d recognize a bit of a chic departure: it’s thanks, in part, to Douglas Hickman, Jr.
Brandy Rocks All Black
Brandy's Instagram Dancing with the Stars Sebastian Gunawan Embellished Metallic Dress
Not new to the game by any means, Hickman has also laid stylish hands on Sherri Shepherd, Michelle Williams, Ledisi, and Eve, along with NBA Player Ramon Sessions and NFL Player Brett Lockett.
douglas hickman junior even fashion bomb daily
michelle williams douglas hickman junior fashion bomb daily

He says, “I got started when I came to New York in 2008 to pursue my career in Fashion Merchandising. Shortly thereafter, I was asked to style a friend of mine for her new single, and decided to make a career as a Fashion Stylist instead.”
sherri shepherd styled by douglas hickman junior
For those who want to break in, he offers, “Be willing to make sacrifices for your career! If you are really serious about your career as a stylist, invest in it.” Keep track of him on IG @DouglasHickmanJr.
5. Maeve Reilly
maeve reilly fashion bomb daily stylist to watch
Maeve Reilly has the singular task of creating interesting ensembles using Janelle Monae’s menswear inspired, black and white aesthetic. She has truly put her foot into the task, turning Monae’s looks from Predictable to Pow!
janelle monae tadashi shoji met gala ball 2014 Janelle+Monae+Red+Carpet+Arrivals+Met+Gala+xtm-qRso4BWx
Janelle Monae attends the Chanel Cruise Collection 2015

Janelle Monae seen at the Rio
Aside from styling the Electric Lady, Reilly has also worked with everyone from Demi Lovato and Jamie Foxx to Chris Brown and Kat Graham.
In an interview with School of Style, she urged aspiring fashion stylists to “Never give up.” Simple, but effective advice! Be apprised of her stylish endeavors on IG @StyleMeMaeve.
That does it!

Thoughts on this crop of stylists? And is there anyone you’d like to see on our next list of Stylists to Know?
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