The Fashion Bomb News Breakdown: Rihanna Gets Paid A Lot to Attend Fashion Shows, Valentino to Host KimYe’s Wedding Brunch, and Sean Jean Hopes To Hit $1 Billion at Retail

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  • Rihanna doesn’t really need to sing, she makes a pretty penny just by going to fashion shows.  Last month Rihanna attended the Dior cruise show in Brooklyn, and if she was paid her industry going rate, she pocketed about $101,000 dollars. Fab life, no? Though it’s widely known that celebrities often get paid to attend shows or do “brand activations” or “endorsements,” I’m not quite sure we knew that for what likely amounts to an hour of their time, celebrities make five times what some people make in a year to watch models parade down the runway. Must be nice! (Telegraph)


  • J. Crew might not be opening a lower priced line but they are expanding! Jenna Lyons and Mickey Drexler are keeping themselves busy by opening five more Madewell locations this year. J Crew proper just opened two locations in Hong Kong and is already looking at Paris as well.  Mickey should just stop delaying the inevitable and announce that they are pursuing an IPO. (WWD)

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  • And now, in your daily #KimYeWeddingUpdate: Valentino Garavani — that’s Valentino the man, not the brand — will be hosting a brunch in his French chateau (French for castle) for the impending nuptials of the #WorldsMostTalkedAboutCouple. In addition to brunch, attendees will take a tour of the Palace of Versailles (where Kim and Kanye wanted to have the wedding) and will also be supplied with both personal security and a mobile phone for secrecy. Talk about doing the most. (Page Six)

  • We know that you probably have heard it before but, just as reminder: don’t wash your jeans.  Chip Bergh, the president and CEO of Levi Strauss, notes that in the denim life cycle, 50 percent of water usage happens once you get them in your own hands. So in order to conserve water try using a Tide To-Go pen, toothbrush or sponge to do small spot cleans and allow the denim to air dry. Of course this comes in addition to the fact that raw denim shouldn’t be washed for about 6 months after purchase. (Fortune Magazine’s Youtube)


  • Diddy. Puffy. P. Diddy. Some times it’s hard to know what to call Sean Combs these days (it’s actually Puff Daddy currently) but next semester some students will be getting to know him a bit better in a course called Sean Combs Urban Culture. The course will study, among other things, Combs’s strategy and serial entrepreneurship and will undoubtedly touch on his 16-year-old apparel company Sean Jean, that has goals of expanding to India, South America, Africa, China and the Middle East and even hitting $1 billion at retail in the next five years.  Basically, he’s trying to be the street’s Jessica Simpson.  (WWD)
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