We’re Planning a Redesign!

Happy Monday Bombshells!
So it’s been a long time coming, but we’re finally going to redesign the site and take it from a ‘blog’ style to more of a ‘website’ format.
fashion bomb daily redesign
The projected date for redesign? June 1st. My goal is to make FashionBombDaily.com easier to use, faster, and more like the sites you guys love to frequent (but think more Style.com than MediaTakeOut!).
fashion bomb daily site redesign

I’ve also noticed that so many of you participate and comment wildly on Instagram and Facebook. So our Mobile site will be slicker and hopefully as easy to use as those to digital juggernauts.
fbd instagram
Last time I redesigned the site, I just went for it without any input. But would love to hear what you guys might like to see. What sites do you love in terms of design? How can we make your user experience better? I’m thinking we can make our slideshows easier to use, update our comments section, and make things easier to find in general.

We’ve come a long way, but still have so far to go…

At any rate, what do you think? Would love your thoughts.


Claire Sulmers is the publisher and founder of Fashion Bomb Daily, the #43 most influential style magazine in the world.

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