Real Style: The Nike Air Force 1 Digi Camo Launch Party featuring Theophilus London

So yesterday, post brunch, my cousin invited me to a Nike Air Force 1 Digi Camo launch party on a basketball court on the Lower East Side. I wasn’t expecting to go anywhere but back home to my air conditioned apartment, but accompanied her, encouraged by the promise of a performance by Theophilus London. When I arrived, I was blown away by the Real Style. I hadn’t brought along my DLSR (tsk, tsk), but my cousin did have a point and shoot.

Check out a few of my snaps:

Puma and Cole seemed straight out of 1990 with their high top fades and vibrant ensembles. Puma divulged that he was directly influenced by the movie House Party, which he said his mother watched with him as a child.

These young men also channeled the 90’s with their slick hairstyles and blue and orange tones. They truly took the ‘Nike’ theme to the limit by etching the brand’s name and logo in the back of their heads.

SN: I asked the PR person on hand if the invite said to come ‘dressed in costume.’ She said no.

Nicolette looked cute and colorful in neon yellow, deconstructed camo, and Jeffrey Campbell platform sneakers. She colored her hair herself. Cute!

Speaking of bold tones, Cornice and Stephanie were working a host of hues from top to toe. Stephanie also bleached and dyed her own hair.

These guys looked ready to have their picture taken, so I happily obliged. They actually have a tumblr called where you can see more of their 90’s inspired style. Are we seeing a theme here?

I loved Chas’s assorted accessories and accoutrements, particularly his Supreme Towel and MCM belt.

Check out a close up of his vintage Versace pieces. Hot!

Christina looked ready for a 4th of July BBQ in cut offs, a white tank, and American Flag adorned Jeffrey Campbell platforms.

The young man on the right had quite the head of hair under that Supreme Cap! His friend had no problem playing with different trouser silhouettes and head gear.

Bobbie of tie dyed this vintage Spike Lee Nike tee herself, after finding it on Ebay. I loved her look, and check out those nails!!


This young man kept his outfit simple, save for a pair of Digi Camo Air Force 1’s slung around his neck.

Sabla of the blog exuded vintage chic in a bright pink top and round sunglasses.

And lastly, Lyricist and Entertainer Ahsh:Eff looked like the consummate B girl in mixed prints, Bamboo earrings, and two toned purple lips.

So, how did everyone find out about this party? Nike enlisted the help of several influential Tumblrs, like Glyn of the blog (pictured below) to help spread the word.

It worked!

I clearly went HAM taking pictures because I was literally blown away by how this younger generation has completely reworked and remixed 90’s era style in their own fun way. From high top fades to shades to vintage pieces, this group definitely has a bold, vibrant outlook on fashion. But do you find it refreshing? Or did you get a sense of ‘been there, done that, what’s next?’

What did you think of the Real Style at Nike’s Air Force 1 Digi Camo Launch Party?

Thx Maggie and Alex!


Claire Sulmers is the publisher and founder of Fashion Bomb Daily, the #43 most influential style magazine in the world.

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