Hey Guys!

So in between running to fashion shows, charging my Iphone, and tweeting all day today, I’ve managed to snap some authentically Parisian Real Style. Take a look at a few selections:

A smashing silk head scarf, fur trimmed coat, girly gloves, and Ferragamo style flats made a fabulous combination for our first Real Style subject of the day.

Tailor Dally Joudou of People With Attitutude (www.peoplewithattitude.com) looked breathtakingly dapper in a sharp cut floor length wool coat, top hat, and deep purple scarf.
Lastly, my buddies designer Calvin Nymon and Sandy of Paris Most Wanted (www.parismostwanted.blogspot.com) looked fierce in Nymon creations. Loving Sandy’s YSL platform boots!

Who’s your fave?


*Stay tuned for show reviews tomorrow and follow me on twitter for minute-to-minute Paris Fashion Week updates.


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