Hey Guys!

So in between getting my nails ‘did’ and picking up the occasional accessory, I of course snapped a few pix of London stylistas! It was a rainy, dreary, day, but I was able to get a handful.

Tell me what you think:

Had to stop this Toronto fashionista (T-dot!). She mixed patterns flawlessly, matching a black and white skirt with a black and white bag. You can’t quite see her bold accessories, but they were fierce.

This young lady was on her way to work, but took a few minutes to pose. I was feeling her chic haircut and chunky scarf.

Earlier in the day, Londonista Janine stopped to take a picture. I love that British girls rock with color! In France it’s all black, but in London you’ll see girls with bright coats, bags, and boots. I was feeling her blue topper and patent leather wellies.

What do you think?

A few more pix from around London town:

I walked forever to find Alexander McQueen’s store. There are two lovely bouquets of flowers in the window, below videos of McQueen’s past shows. The shop is still open for business. I guess the show must go on…

Piccadilly Circus

And or course my fave, Topshop


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