Real Style: London Fall 2013 Fashion Week Day 1

So London Fashion Week kicked off with a slew of shows today at Somerset house.
Real Style-021512- London Fall 2013 Fashion Week Day 1
I popped by Jena Theo and Felder Felder before coming back to my flat to blog (I am exhausted!).
At any rate, take a look at a few stylish subjects I captured along the way:
Tiens! Who should I see almost as soon as I step on fashionable ground but Former Fashion Bomber of the Day Alain from Paris? He and his friend looked très chic in berets and peacoats. J’adore!


This eye catching twosome also stood out in glorious hats and statement coats. Get into this young diva’s fur topper and makeup. Hot!



Two toned hair and cool shades added exclamation points to these singular looks.

_05-london-fashion-week-201Friendship was in the air with these fashionable folks. I loved the hair moment on the right, and the chunky, bumblebee-esque scarf on the left.



After taking my pic, these these two ladies paused for the Fashion Bomb cause with Givenchy, leather, and faux fur accoutrements.

_001-london-fashion-weekThese Fashion Bomb readers also took a pic. Loving that white/black blazer!

_04-lucia-lolita-london-fasFormer Fashion Bombshell Lucia from Manchester looked darling in a vintage blazer and printed pants.


_0-real-style-london-fashioAnd this young man looked comfy and warm in a checked red jacket and a look-at-me coiffe.

How does London Fashion Week Street Style compare to New York?

Stay tuned for more!






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