Real Style : Kelis’ Paris Concert at La Flèche d’Or

Hey guys!
So when my friend told me about a mini concert Kelis was giving last night at cool Parisian concert hall, La Flèche D’or, I had my misgivings. I’m a responsible stylista, and rarely go out early in the week…but figured that for 8 euros and a free drink, it was worth a pitstop. Of course as soon as I got there, my chic seeking eyes lit up with all the Real Style on the scene–I had to take some pix!
First up was my homeboy Gystere:

You may remember, I featured his video on the blog a little while ago. He’s a musician who recently signed with Universal Records, and is always wearing something cool he’s fashioned. I wouldn’t call him a designer, but he definitely marches to his own beat. To whit: he added shoulder epaulettes to a vintage red and black sweater to create a Michael Jackson marching band-esque look. He showed off his musical penchant with a keyboard belt that held his sagging jeans in place (ahem, the sag was in FULL effect), and affirmed his cool factor with dark sunglasses, Adidas sneaks, and a long haircut.

So as I was snap snapping away at Gystere, my camera battery died…Quelle horreur! Thankfully my Iphone battery (suprisingly) was ok, so I decided to be a resourceful Bombshell and work with that. My second subject was Yannique:

Not quite as good as my Canon Powershot, but fortunately Yannique agreed to stand by the light.

We chit chatted, and he admitted he didn’t read blogs, but was very active on Facebook. I liked his New Jack City swagger and his leather jacket, newsboy cap, and printed scarf.

Next up was Keeseann:

A lot of people were going for the retro-hipster vibe, but I appreciated his bowtie and suspenders.

Lastly, I snapped Ayan:

I loved her curly old school Kelis hairstyle and fun YSL readers. After making my intro in French, she stopped me and told me she was American! Turns out she goes to Georgia State and is in Paris for a semester abroad. The world is so small…I liked her laid back style, and her layered Tiffany, Diamond Supply Co, and H&M necklaces.

After doing my Real Style duty, my friends and I made our way back into the concert hall.

Kelis was très late, but she was worth the wait:

She performed rocking a genie ponytail braid, sparkly key hole white mini dress, thigh high boots, and a bright red lipstick. She shook her Milkshake while singing oldies but goodies like Millionaire, along with newer hits.

What do you think of her concert’s Real Style?


PS Yes, I’m charging my camera battery as we speak!


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