Real Style: Atlanta’s Food Rave

Hey Guys!
On Friday I attended Atlanta Food Rave, an event that offers dishes from the best chefs in ATL, along with drinks and entertainment. I came to simply eat and catch up with one of my best buddies, but of course couldn’t help but notice and photograph a handful of stylish people in the room.
Take a look:

I first stopped Hikmah, a hairstylist for Heir Studios ( I loved her strapless romper, bedazzled shoes, and how her light blond hair brightened her whole look. The sparkly charcoal clutch was a nice touch.

How cute is Candisse? Her voluminous afro and tiny top hat were interesting accents to her cream baby doll dress and simple sandals. The poet and writer admitted she purchased her hat at the Disney store. Snaps for creativity and turning a child’s toy into a stylish trimming.

And Christian looked dapper in an H&M cardigan and pink button down. My friend and I both loved his cardigan’s scholarly elbow patches. He was kind enough to show them off to us:

It was a fun night!

Atlanta will be my homebase until I move back to New York in the New Year. I’m excited to see what the Peach State has to offer!

In the meantime in between time, I’ll be going to New York and Paris Fashion Week…follow me on Twitter @TheFashionBomb.

What do you think of this edition of Atlanta Real Style?


*Thanks Tara!


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