Bomb Product of the Day: Joyrich LA’s Keith Haring Varsity Jacket

Ready for another hot product of the day?
I personally like JoyRich LA’s $264 Keith Haring Varsity Jackets.
joyrich la keith haring varsity jacket
The cool topper pays tribute to one of the 80’s most prolific and salient graffiti artists, and features a wool body with Haring’s signature ‘Walking Man’ prints on the sleeves and back.
keiith haring joyrich jacket
The jacket also comes in black.
keith haring joyrich black varsity jacket
It’s already been spied on a couple New York movers and shakers.
Jonathan Mannion and Legendary Damon T.I. Book of Kings Vol i Launch Party
DJ Mos Joyrich Keith Haring Jacket
I wonder who’ll wear it next? Maybe you!
At any rate, get the jacket in red here, and in black here.
What do you think?


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