Elise Neal Wears ‘Inspired’ Balmain Fall 2012 Dress on The Real: Is it OK for Celebs to Wear Knock Offs?

Elise Neal appeared on The Real talk show today to discuss her show Hollywood Divas in a dress inspired by Balmain’s Fall 2012 beaded confection.
Elise Neal Wears Inspired Balmain Fall 2012 Dress on The Real
Eagle eyed blogger Talking with Tami noticed the style snafu, and wrote, “Elise had the audacity to wear on national tv a knockoff dress that was very similar to European designer Balmain! I know that lots of people wear clothes that are inspired by fashion houses all the time like Versace and others but for a women of Elise’s caliber and who is admired by many, I am a bit confused. Elise has been on my television screen and in movies for years and years and I’m just not understanding why she couldn’t call a stylist to pull the real designer dress or buy her own to wear.” Yikes!
0 Elise Neal Wears Inspired Balmain Fall 2012 Dress on The Real
Kim Kardashian notoriously wore the runway version during her Parisian wedding extravaganza.
Now, let’s be real: Balmain’s runway dress probably cost upwards of $10,000. With all its intricate beading and artistry, only a select few of the very wealthy 1% can afford to buy or borrow the real thing.
Elise Neal Wears Inspired Balmain Fall 2012 Dress on The Real
We saw it as recently as a few hours ago when I blogged about Selena Gomez’s Dior dress. Most comments requested a look for less…because Dior, Balmain, etc are not in most people’s budgets–not even some celebs!
Selena Gomez's Rudderless Screening Christian Dior Red Mini Dress and Christian Louboutin Unbout Pumps
Sure, stars are in the public eye, but they’ve got to watch their pockets too! And I’m sure many have gone virtually undetected, wearing inspired pieces from Zara and Forever21 to various events.

Garcelle Beauvais attends The Helping Hand of Los Angeles Mother's Day Luncheon
Garcelle Beauvais in a Céline inspired top from Zara

So what do you think? Did Ms. Neal commit a serious sartorial faux pax?

ciara-body-party-video ballin paris alex chloe gold foil tank
Ciara in a Brian Lichtenberg ‘Ballin Tee

*See Elise’s dress up close here:

**Balmain has knocked off Givenchy, as we saw here.
And Balmain’s Olivier Rousteing seems to be tickled when Zara knocks off his designs. No harm, no foul?


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