Not Everyone Loves “I Love my Hair”

Beauty and Fashion blogger Afrobella recently posted a link to a Sesame Street video called, ‘I Love my Hair.”

In the clip, a muppet of African-American descent sings enthusiastically about the versatility of her locks. She says, “I really love my hair/Wear a clippy or in a bow/Or let it sit in an Afro/My hair looks good in a cornrow/It doesn’t so many things you know, that’s why I let it grow.”
Refreshing and sweet, it’s hard to think that anyone could find fault with a nursery tune meant to positively reinforce natural hair for young children of color. But a few commenters took to Bella’s Facebook Page to complain. Angela said, “I’m thinking this muppet is a little over the top – the subtle implications are apparent – so how many muppets does one see singing I love my hair. The best way is for more representation and inclusion in their programing of kids with natural hair not a muppet singing I love my hair. I don’t see this muppet as adorable or cute. It just brings to mind “minstrelsy.” She went on to say, “It’s not necessary to make a big deal about loving her hair to kids of that age. It just highlights the issue and makes it a bigger deal than is necessary. If she is part of the group of the other muppets then it makes the point that her natural hair is just fine.”

With black children, I think a song is necessary. Images we see everyday reinforce the ideal of straight, silky hair, which causes many girls to dislike their natural coils. When you’re older, you can choose to do what you like with your hair, depending on your lifestyle and personality. But many young girls think that textured hair is ugly. Do we need to revisit ‘Good Hair’?

What do you think of the song and the varied reactions?


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