New York Magazine on Kim Kardashian’s Place in Fashion

Just in time for fashion week, New York Magazine writer Benjamin Wallace spends a day with Kim Kardashian , talking up her unconventional ascent to fame and her current place in the notoriously snobby fashion industry.

Citing Kim’s rumored ban from the Met Ball by Anna Wintour, and Andre Léon Talley’s remark that, “not even Kim Kardashian could take away from fashion”, Wallace says Kim has had a less than welcoming reception from the fashion elite.

He writes, “While she has made People’s Best Dressed list, when it comes to high fashion she has been met with a cool shoulder. More than any other reality star, she is monitored not just for what she does and says but for what she wears. Everywhere she goes, the fashion police are watching. That cream turtleneck dress with thigh-high snakeskin boots? “Princess Leia gone wrong” (the Daily Mail). A few hours after our zoo outing, Kim will be photographed with Kanye West at Fela!, the Broadway show, wearing a sleeveless green Givenchy dress and olive Giuseppe Zanotti for Balmain boots; Fashion Bomb Daily will give her its “Hot! or Hmm” treatment, sniping that the boots are “a few seasons old.” “ Yesss, they mentioned this Jihan penned post about Kim and Kanye’s Fela appearance!

The writer also delves in to the fashion world’s tepid reviews of Kanye’s fashion twirls. In short it’s a must read (long, but worth it).
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