Monday Mail Bombs: Kim Kardashian’s Silver Choker, Melanie Fiona’s Soul Train Awards Striped Wolford Tights, and Adrienne Bailon’s Fabolous Party Look!

Happy Monday Bombshells!
I hope you enjoyed your Thanksgiving holidays. Though we took off last Thursday and Friday to celebrate with loved ones, the beat went on with Mail Bombs, with wardrobe requests pouring on in! So instead of wait for Friday, we decided to take a crack at a bunch today.
Let’s go!
First up, Dana says, “I lovvvve this necklace Kim Kardashian is wearing.”

“… Can you tell me who makes it and maybe even budget friendly options?”
Not sure of the exact designer, but you can certainly get similar options with these gold and silver toned beauts:

Dana also said, “I lovvvvvve these tights Melanie Fiona is wearing.”

” Can you tell me who makes them?”
Melanie uplifted her Alexander McQueen jacket with a pair of Wolford tights, similar to these:

Wolfords can run you $45+, so if you want a similar look for less, you can get it with these $10 striped full tights from Express:

Get ’em here.
Louise says, “I spotted this picture of Usher walking with a friend online, and am
absolutely in love with her coat:”

“… I have been looking for a similar “longer in the back” look for a while. Any idea who makes it, or where I could find something similar?”
We’ve got the similar look on lock with these options in black or gray:

Next, Shay says, “I found this pic of DRAYA from Basketball Wives & was wondering if you guys could help me find these leggings or some similar for my bday coming up this Saturday!”

” I lovee the exposed slit, help pleaseee.”
The Get Whit It girls found these options for you, all for less than $135:

Felicia asks, “I was watching Gossip Girl the other day wondering where they got this dress from.”

“… It is so cute. If you can find that would be great. Thanks.”
Serena van der Woodsen wore a Spring/Summer 2011 Mary Katrantzou dress for the episode:

Inquire at or wait for the Mary Kantrantzou x Topshop collection.

Tasha fell in love with the revealing dress Adrienne Bailon wore to Fablous’s birthday fete, and needed the 411:

She said, ” Do you know the designer or where I can find this dress. I would really appreciate any help you can offer!”
This one was a toughie, so we contacted her reps, who said, “That dress is a vintage piece she found while shopping at vintage boutiques in LA. The tag has worn off and unfortunately is not legible. So it’s a one of a kind.” So you can’t get her exact look, but you can get a comparable essence with these:

Avery says, “After seeing singer JoJo in this orange number a while back, I had been looking for a dress like it for a couple months but no luck in my price range — I’m a student so funds are low.”

“… I really, really want this dress in a pink or coral or orange color and can’t find it anywhere in my size (S/M) for less than $100. Less than $50 would make my New Years even better. PLEASE HELP!”
The search was certainly difficult, but I was able to find a few long sleeved party perfect dresses in the colors you specified:

Auzi says, “I have been searching EVERYwhere online and in stores for lace up leather booties.”

“… Can you please find me a few options? I like the wedge but I’m not necessarily stuck on it being a wedge.”
Find you every lace up bootie available online? Sure, that’s what the Fashion Bomb is here for. Take a gander (PS J Hud’s are by Michael Kors, we blogged about them here):

That does it for Solved Mail Bombs this week, though I wanted to end with a few unsolved mysteries…
Shy says, “I need your help. I was watching REAL HOUSEWIVES of ATL and I saw Phaedra with this neck brack on. “

“…My mom hated it but I fell in LOVE when I saw it. Can you guys help me find this one or one similar?? THANKS!!!!!!!!”
I’m kinda with your mom on this one, and my guess is that something that extravagant is custom made (perhaps by an Atlanta artisan). So…if you guys know, leave a comment!

Lastly, Alison says, “I would really like to know who the designer is of this outfit!”

Again, my guess is an Atlanta custom creation, but if you guys know otherwise, holla! I’ll update the post throughout the day with breakthroughs.
Hope that was helpful!
Stay tuned for our Weekend Style Roundup, Swagger Mondays, and more of our regularly scheduled Fashion Bomb posts.


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