Model Jessica White Arrested After Fight Over a Taxi

Model Jessica White was recently arrested for assault against a woman on Saturday night:

Apparently she punched and pummeled the victim outside of a Chelsea nightclub while hailing a cab. According to the court complaint, White “pulled the victim’s hair and struck [the victim] numerous times in the face with her hand, causing abrasions, swelling and substantial pain.”
While it’s easy to think we have another ‘model diva’ on our hands, I’ve personally wanted to punch several people while getting a cab on a late night in New York. It’s brutal out there! You’ll be standing there, waiting for fiftteen minutes, and another group will go a little further up the street and straight up steal your cab. No fun when you’re trying to get home after a night out. I’ve certainly launched a string of expletives at cab thieves…but violence is never the answer people.
What do you think?
Read more at the New York Post.


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