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Mens Wedding Bands – Shopping Just Got Easier!


This is the time of year when brides and grooms are busy – shopping, planning, arranging, deciding, discussing, simplifying, and of course having some pretty petty disagreements as well. Not worry, it all works out for the good for those who are committed. Once in a lifetime is what comes to mind – who would not want to go to the depths of reasoning and planning and yes debating to make sure it all came off as perfectly as possible? And of course there are a few minor details that need to be taken care of for the even to be smooth and seamless. One of those details – purchasing the men’s wedding ring just got a whole lot easier and in fact can be done in a matter of minutes or hours rather than days or weeks! Interested? Read on …


Great Selection Makes Shopping a One-Stop Event and Saves Lots of Time.


How many wedding bands do you need to see before you can honestly say you have seen enough, the perfect one is surely on this site? A hundred? A thousand? 10,000? Most shoppers agree that as long as the selection is broad in the basic categories – style, materials, and price then a decision can be made relatively easy. It becomes more difficult when a shopper feels like there is a fairly broad range of styles but what might be missing? What if I like the ring I see but I want a blue diamond instead of a white one? Or maybe a black instead of a white diamond? Or maybe a larger diamond instead of the small one in the image I am viewing? Or maybe I need a 9.25 instead of the basic half sizes that you see everywhere? Or maybe even something like using a piece of your fiancé’s antler that he has from his trophy elk he got last fall?


Not all stores can answer yes to all of those requests … but we know of one. In fact check out 800 styles from the custom ring gallery on www.mensweddingbands.com!


Savings Make for a Peaceful Decision with No Regrets.


No one likes to pay full retail price – at least no one that I associate with. Discounts? Yes, that is the name of the game and it can be a game where we sometimes lose!  We have seen so many shoppers who like to spend some valuable time “shopping” at the established retail environments. You know, big box retailers and the endless chain of expensive jewelry stores in glitzy malls across the country. They get a read on the pricing and style differences available but they don’t buy – they research and they study and they compare and analyze. These are savvy shoppers. They understand that most retailer have extremely high overhead with carpet and lights and insurance and signage and employees and rent payments and the list goes on and on and on … so they shop.

But they buy online. Smart shoppers have learned that the wisest purchasing decision is one where the research has been completed and the time for pulling the trigger is here.


One more important note on price. Look for Coupon Codes – they are available and there is no need even online to pay asking price. Be daring – call the online store and ask for a Coupon Code to get a better price if you don’t see one on their site – chances are to earn your business you’ll have one before you get off the phone!


Knowing your Personal Data is Protected Makes the Whole Experience Better and Safer.


Just be safe. If you are shopping online make sure the store has been in business for a while and that they use encryption that the big banks use to protect your personal data and your credit card and/or PayPal information. And most sites these days have frequent security testing that further protects from nasty hackers that prey upon the innocent. In e-commerce the old adage “better safe than sorry” is as true today as when it was first spoken hundreds of years ago!


One of the most trusted icons of security is the GeoTrust logo – look for it on the online sites you visit or a comparable security logo. These ensure that the site is tested on a frequent basis to verify that all customer data is secure and safe.

One more tip for online security – look for the “s” following the http:// (https://). The http stands for Hyper Text Transfer Protocol and when the “s” is added it is an abbreviation for Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) – meaning you are now shopping via a secure session. While this nomenclature costs the online seller more to maintain, the security and peace of mind for the shopper is a worthy tradeoff! In fact, statistics show that well-informed shoppers typically take their business to secure sites (sites listed as https://). We hope you enjoy your online experience!


About the Author.


Ronald C. Johnson is the co-founder and owner of Tayloright LLC, a Utah-based corporation. Before founding the Company, Mr. Johnson earned his B.S. degree from Texas Wesleyan University and spent many years as National Director of T-Mobile USA where he co-authored the book titled: Loyal-T, the ABC’s of Creating Loyal Customers. His career has focused on sales, marketing, and training including 6 years with FranklinCovey in a sales and management capacity. He is married with five children, two grandchildren and resides in Washington, Utah.


About Tayloright LLC.


Based in St. George, Utah, Tayloright LLC, began operations in March of 2009 selling wedding rings, men’s jewelry and rock climbing holds. Currently, Tayloright LLC serves the international wedding band marketplace shipping to countries worldwide. Their innovative products and accessories offer a fashion category that allows both men and women to enjoy eye-catching, stunning designs in alternative as well as precious metals. The Company carries products that are backed by their lifetime defect and sizing warranty. Average wedding band prices from their combined websites range between $300.00-400.00 although they also carry precious metal rings that sell into the thousands of dollars. Its premier website is www.mensweddingbands.com.

*This is Brought to You By TaylorRight and Does Not Reflect the Views of FashionBombDaily*

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