Men’s Style Inspiration: What to Wear To a Creative Job Interview

Andre writes, “Though the majority of your readers are indeed female, you do have male followers. I was wondering if you can do a male edition of what to wear for my upcoming job interview with Macys. I’m a really fashion forward edgy kind of dude so I wanted to play on that in a sophisticated, mature, and classy way. It’s an open interview so I really want to stand out (but not in an awkward, ‘why are you here?’ way). Please guide me. Thanks in advance!”
You are correct, sir! We tend to focus on the ladies, but the guys need a bit of style savvy as well. Most guys can take comfort in a suit–it’s the standard for any interview no matter your industry. Stand out from the crowd by adding fun elements–think a polka dotted bowtie, readers, velvet slippers, and a great briefcase.
Check out a few ideas:

If you’re going to go for a suit, why not choose one with a funky pattern? This plaid option by Alexander McQueen stands out from a crowd thanks to glorious checks and classic blue tones. Pare the look down with a solid colored shirt and tie, along with black shoes. Slip on a pair of readers if you want to look wicked smart:

Get more funky suit options here:

The next look jumps off with a more traditional navy pin stripe suit:

Show you know a thing or two about fashion by adding an unexpected pocket square, funky cufflinks, and a YSL logo bag.

Not about the full on suit? Mix and match with a gray blazer and black pants.

Give off a chic essence with a yellow shirt and a bright blue tie. Truly have fun with a pair of Stubbs & Wooten velvet slippers in dashing green velvet (if you’re not into slippers a pair of black shoes will do):

Lastly, if you want to risk it and go for casual, pump up a pair of khakis with a printed shirt and a cardigan:

Add a bit of interest with a tie in a complementary pattern, readers, and Stubs & Wooten velvet slippers. Roll up the hems of your khakis if you want to show off your shoe game:

What do you think? Guys, would you wear this? Ladies, would you recommend the above?

Be further inspired by past Fashion Bombers, Real Style subjects, and celebs:

Also reminisce on work ready looks with a few stand out bombers, including Davidson from New York and Brandon from Atlanta. Feeling nostalgic? Take a look at our Male Style work special from 2008 here.

*Ladies, need ideas on what to wear to an interview? Read here. Also, check out our extensive work wardrobe category.


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